Become a member

Membership Application Procedure

Initial Contact with Muqassa:

Muqassa Requirements discussion:

  • Muqassa will clarify membership admission and ongoing requirements, the applicant to provide information required by Muqassa to support their request.

Membership application submission:

  • Submit the complete membership application form.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the Commercial Registration issued by Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  • Submit a copy of the license issued by the CMA (for Authorized Personal) or SAMA (for Banks).
  • Submit the entity establishment legal documents and capital depository certificate.
  • Board of Directors details

Principle approval:

  • Muqassa to evaluate applicant request and may require members feedback on certain areas.
  • Approval-in-Principle (Granted upon completion of preliminary review by Muqassa).
  • Finalize infrastructure requirements and establish operations in preparation for commencement of business.

Fulfill principle approval requirements:

  • Conduct necessary infrastructure tests to ensure system compatibility.
  • Completion of all the certification related activities.

Formal membership admission:

  • Formal Admission as Muqassa Member (Subject to applicant fulfilling approval-in-principle requirements).
  • Commencement of Operations as Muqassa Member.